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What is Magnet?

Magnet is a framework aimed at providing different types of analysis about the Social Media profiles of companies or brands. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the currently supported networks, while others are expected in the near future.

Out of the box, those analysis can be of statistical nature (totals, averages, evolutions) or analytical nature (user networks, social media specific metrics like 'Virality' or 'Reach'). There are other tools available, like the ability to search or semantically analyse all the text content available, the benchmarking of your profile's performance versus your competition, and the ability to monitor your publications in real time.


Magnet´s Features

Magnet comprises a series of modules made with different characteristics and outcomes that complement themselves in an analytic ecosystem, seeking engagement from the user and always trying to better fulfill its enquiries.

Here's a brief description of each one of them:

Who is using Magnet

Below are some of the companies that elected Magnet:

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