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About Us

Clevernet is a Portugal based IT company focused in Agile Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Quality and Enterprise Search.

We strongly believe that, nowadays, businesses need to be light on their processes to quickly know what's going on inside and outside the company, and that puts them face to face with an big challenge:

"How to leverage the big amount of information coming from disparate sources into an application that will be able to provide a 360º vision of my business?"

Coming up with answers to those questions is our core business, and we understood that no business can afford to neglect Social Media, given it's impact on everyone's life, both personal and professionally. But how do you access Social Media data? How do you integrate it with your business to achieve that 360º view?

Those challenges were the main reason to create Magnet, a platform that will enable the retrieval of data from social networks, ultimately leading to the promotion of those same networks by the companies as a communication, marketing and help-desk tool for their customers.

Along with this service, we are open to work with companies in the process of building custom projects and/or solutions that take advantage of Magnet's ability, in order to enhance your existing information management infrastructure. See how to contact us below.

Check out our website to see what we do when not working on Magnet: