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Extend, Integrate and Leverage Magnet

Clevernet's main focus is the new trends and complementary tools of a traditional BI stack.

Some call it Agile Business Intelligence, others Business Intelligence 3.0. More important, it consists on:

  • The ability to deal with unstructured data
  • Merge data from disparate sources
  • Turn siloed data from the enterprise valuable
  • Create searchable and summarizable results
  • Highly reduce the need for data modeling and flattening
  • Less technical, more frontend work
  • Eliminate the traditional BI backlog
  • Quick time to value
  • Operable by non-technical users, becoming available to all the enterprise
  • Integrated in the traditional BI stack

What are the benefits for you? Information Discovery. Discover answers to your questions, discover new questions, discover value in hidden or misused information, discover new insights on your business, discover new businesses inside your business, discover a new enterprise culture. And do it faster.

Great lesson...but what is Magnet's role in all of this?

Well, we noticed that a lot of tools we work with have the ability to analyse social data, but they don't have the mechanisms to retrieve it. With Magnet they do.

So if any of this interests you, we're more than happy to chat and exchange some ideas with you. Reach out to us here.