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What is Magnet?

Magnet is a framework aimed at providing different types of analysis about the Social Media profiles of companies or brands. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the currently supported networks, while others are expected in the near future.

Out of the box, those analysis can be of statistical nature (totals, averages, evolutions) or analytical nature (user networks, social media specific metrics like 'Virality' or 'Reach'). There are other tools available, like the ability to search or semantically analyse all the text content available, the benchmarking of your profile's performance versus your competition, and the ability to monitor your publications in real time.

How does Magnet work?

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a schematic of how magnet works:

Magnet Schema

What about my Privacy?

The privacy of your social information is very important for us. We will never ask you for your credentials or have any access to them, because when we request you for the Access Tokens you´ll login on the chosen Social Network website, not on Magnet.

Every time we retrieve data the provided tokens are first validated by the Social Network in question, which means that you have another layer of protection if you want to stop using Magnet: you can, at any time, go to that Social Network and delete those tokens by removing Magnet's access permissions.

Furthermore, unless we need to inspect data regarding an error that occurs, no human eye will ever see the retrieved data, since all the process (from the retrieval until the dashboard) is done automatically through pre-built scripts and other automations.

At last, you'll have the ability to delete all retrieved data at any time by going to your personal area in this website. We won't keep any backup of it, so you'll also need to be careful about it.

For more detailled information regarding this subject, please read our privacypolicy here.

OK! Where do I start?

  1. First and foremost, you need to sign up to the website to access a 15-day trial period.
  2. After that, you'll be redirected to the 'Client Area' page. Under the 'Social Networks Accounts' tab, click the 'Add New...' button to request the necessary tokens. By providing these tokens you are giving us permission to retrieve data from your social network profile. You can add as many accounts as you whish, even if you're not thinking of using them right now.
  3. For security reasons, you'll receive an e-mail asking you to confirm the trial. Upon confirmation, we'll start the information retrieval process, which can take more or less time depending on the profile's dimension.
  4. You'll receive another e-mail as soon as the process is completed.
  5. You can now browse through Magnet to rediscover your profile. We hope that you like it!.

How can I reach out for support or suggestions?

We are at your disposal for any enquiries you might have, whether from a sales or technical support perspective.

By Contact Form

Simply click here!

You'll be redirected to our contact form. Please choose the appropriate subject so that we can help you in a more timely manner by automatically redirecting your message to the appropriate department.

By E-mail/Telephone

We encourage you to use the contact form above, but as an alternative you can send us an e-mail to magnet-tech[at] or call us at (+351) 213580023.